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The arts

2015-01-06 20:26:29 by AbominableGod

I'm going to try start working more and posting more art here. I've been bad at getting anything done lately. 


So here's to trying.


2011-06-13 00:40:13 by AbominableGod


My nipples

2011-02-28 00:09:33 by AbominableGod

they are hard


2011-01-12 20:54:47 by AbominableGod

Try not to be turned on at the end of this. The girls aren't bad either

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Dum de Dum

2010-09-23 11:34:03 by AbominableGod

is it just me, or is this christopher walkin from the future. like...60 years in the future

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2010-09-01 09:31:55 by AbominableGod

Haven't done any any art in a while, blarg. Dern ruts


2010-08-03 09:12:27 by AbominableGod

Off to the USA very soon. Just a couple weeks. So long as everything goes to plan I'll be there for quite some time. Be my friend!

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Last chance

2010-06-06 13:58:09 by AbominableGod

Last chance to evacuate the earth before it is recycled


You Es Ayy

2010-05-26 00:21:46 by AbominableGod

Currently In Chicago sorting out stuff to attend college here. Gonna study art, huzzah.

Graphic Story

2010-04-24 13:17:33 by AbominableGod

Well as i get more and more done with Abby, the more my ideas get sorted out. One of my goals among the many with her is to create a graphic novel of sorts telling a short story involving her and her world. Its still very much in the planning stages so not real information to give other than maybe a working title - Harvest. thats all i'll say about that for now until i get more done.

On a similar note, the further I get into the planning stuff, the more likely I may need to perhaps request a little assistance if i'm unable to do or get the desired ideas across by myself. At this point I'd predict mostly help with environments and places. I may hit up the art forums for potential helpers down the road, but if anyone is reading this and thinks they could perhaps help, even if by just pointing me to good tutorials, online lessons, books, whatever to help me out with environments mostly, let me know. I'd like to do a series of these if everything goes well with it.

Potential Preview or just plain ideas!

Graphic Story